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Hand-felted, acoustic wall coverings and interior textiles made of locally-acquired Norwegian wool.

The product

Sound absorption

A perfect blend of age-old Nordic sheep strains and Norwegian nature

The wool used to create our panels is collected from time-honored breeds of Nordic sheep including the Old Norwegian Short Tale Landrace (gammalnorsk spælsau) and the Norwegian Pelt Sheep (pelssau). We combine our wools with a variety of raw silks which help to accentuate the beauty of our various woolen textures. Any additional coloring in our panels comes from 100% organic dyes, extracted from Norwegian flora including mosses, mushrooms, and other varieties of plants found in the wild. Lastly, we take great pride in the fact that our wool is acquired locally and directly from farmers engaged in ethical and humane animal practices.


How it's made



Our textiles improve the sonic qualities of your space while simultaneously providing unique visual enhancements.

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Designers’ collection:
We have created 9 standard designs that are available in 3 different sizes.

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